Forensics Team: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Forensics?

The forensics (or speech) team is an excellent opportunity for anyone wishing to improve their communication, writing, critical thinking and performance skills. The team attracts a variety of students, from theater majors to business majors to those interested in law and beyond. Individuals can perform literature, deliver speeches, do comedy, and participate in group performances. At tournaments, students learn valuable skills applicable in a myriad of future situations, from acting to business, and have a great time too!

Who can be on the team?

The speech team is open to all undergraduate students enrolled at the college. Auditions are not a requirement for participation on the team. The only quality we look for is a strong desire to improve your communication or performance skills. Students are, however, expected to possess a high level of commitment and dedication. Many students have stated that the speech program is the most involved and rewarding experience of their college career.

How does the team operate?

Students are expected to attend weekly meetings, usually every Monday afternoon. Class and work schedules should be arranged accordingly. At the meetings, students arrange for private, one-on-one sessions with coaches as well as group sessions with coaches and other students (team members). Through these sessions, each contestant prepares one or more events for competition.

Competitions are held on the weekends, often leaving on a Friday morning and returning late Saturday night, but sometimes tournaments last the whole weekend. At these competitions, students compete in preliminary rounds, usually with five or six other contestants. The judges of these rounds provide written evaluations of the contestants and rank them accordingly. Those students with the best scores are advanced to a final round of the best six or so contestants, who compete for top placement and trophies. At some tournaments, cash scholarships are also given out to the top contestants.

One of the best parts of competing on the COD speech team is that there is no direct financial cost to the student. The college covers the cost for the van ride or plane fare, meals, lodging and entry fees.

What are the benefits of being a team member?

Besides providing an excellent educational opportunity, speech team students enjoy a host of other benefits. Being a member allows students to visit many other campuses and meet other students from all over the country. The team travels to tournaments throughout the Midwest and frequently to the west and east coasts for nationals. Recent national tournament sites have included Orlando, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Atlanta.

Additionally, College of DuPage students are particularly interesting to recruiters from four-year institutions with strong speech teams and academic programs. Scholarship offers are frequent. In recent years, every student who has qualified for DuPage's national championship team and went on to compete for a four-year institution did so on a scholarship. College of DuPage speech team students have been recruited by such top schools as Bradley University, Arizona State, University of Texas, Illinois State, Eastern Michigan, and others.

How do I become involved?

It's simple. Your first step is to fill out and turn in the information form on this web site. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call Steve Schroeder, Head Coach at (630) 942-2514, or stop by the Forensics office in the McAninch Arts Center, Room 251. Be sure to come with positive energy and a strong work ethic, and you'll be ready for one of the most rewarding experiences of your college career!

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