Student Spotlight: Paul Yadgir

Paul Yadgir

Paul Yadgir
Major: Mass Communications

Paul Yadgir's interest in communications comes from his father.

"He is the Director of Communications for Secretary of State Jesse White," he said. "Since I was young, I remember spending time in campaign offices and seeing that political side of communications, which  really caught my interest.

"What I like about PR, and other communication jobs as well, is the variety of work you can do. It isn't just a nine-to-five desk job. Communications lets you get out there and participate in a wide variety of events and meet a lot of important people. There is communications in business, entertainment, sports, politics and other fields. It really is such a wide-ranging profession that can open you to many opportunities."

He currently is gaining experience with an internship at Jasculca Terman Strategic Communications, a PR firm that represents a wide range of businesses and organizations. Yadgir is responsible for creating media and guest lists for events, attending and staffing events that are mostly business or political, making pitches to the media, conducting a wide variety of research, and monitoring media. His next internship in summer 2014 is at BBGun Press in Los Angeles, which represents a variety of music artists such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Muse, Fitz and the Tantrums.

After earning his Associate in Arts degree at COD, Yadgir plans to transfer to DePaul University and major in Public Relations and Advertising. His ultimate goal is to run a full-service PR firm, allowing him to work with a variety of interesting people and important organizations. He also is interested in managing political campaigns.

Yadgir is happy with the foundation for his career that he gained at College of DuPage.

"College of DuPage is a great way to save money and to see what your interests are. The professors have hands-on experience in their fields and can give you a realistic feel of what the working world is like. My 'Intro to Mass Communications' class taught by Sandy Fries really furthered my interest in communications. Mr. Fries stressed that loving your job and line of work is the most important part of achieving success. He really sold a career in communications to me. He always would stress how wide-ranging of a field it is and how fun it is -- and also well-paying, which never hurts." 

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