Student Spotlight: Stephanie Torres

Stephanie Torres

Stephanie Torres
Major: Nursing

Stephanie Torres’ initial goal after high school was to enlist in the Navy. But her plans changed when she was turned down.

While her peers had visited campuses and been accepted to a variety of colleges and universities, Torres had not, leaving her at square one.

“I had no back-up plan,” she recalls. “I received an email from College of DuPage about an event on campus and I decided to learn more. I liked the programs and the campus and it was a good fit for me.”

Torres plans to obtain her nursing degree and would like to work as a forensic nurse, which she said is a marriage of her interests in investigative work and health care.

“Forensic nursing is a relatively new field and I’m excited to see what opportunities are available to me. I’m primarily interested in being a death investigation forensic nurse. You get to work with the lead investigator to help determine cause and time of death,” she said.

In 2013, she served as the Student Trustee on the College's Board of Trustees. One year later, she was elected as president of the Student Leadership Council. Torres’ desire to get involved on campus and meet other students led her to these positions.

“During my senior year of high school, I promised myself I’d get more involved in college,” she said. “So many students, like me, don’t know the complexities of all that happens on campus and I wanted to learn more and meet new people.

“I’m most excited to be a voice for the students. I see this position as a great challenge as well as a great opportunity.”

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