Student Spotlight: Sarah Self

Sarah Self

Sarah Self
Major: English
Hometown: Lombard

Sarah Self enjoys immersing herself in a good story, regardless of whether she's reading it or writing it.

She was inspired to turn her thoughts into words by her high school freshman World History teacher and her junior English teacher -- the Blechers, who happened to be husband and wife.

"He really taught me how to write effectively, which first sparked an interest in writing," she said. "Then Mrs. Blecher taught me how to increase my skills and write like the authors we read. My senior year, I joined a creative writing class and absolutely loved it!"

Self selected College of DuPage after being named a Presidential Scholar -- an impressive award that includes a full-tuition scholarship and enrollment in COD's Honors program and the Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society.

"COD is one of the top community colleges, and I've been really lucky to take lots of interesting classes that fit in with my Associates in Arts degree," she said. "I took 'Masterpieces of World Literature,' which helped me continue to refine my reading and writing skills. My classes have all been really outstanding and I've met a lot of great people as well."

After transferring to either Taylor University or Crown College, Self would like to become an author, specializing in young adult fiction. She's also thinking about minoring in Intercultural Studies and Missions and possibly becoming a missionary.

"I've always been pretty interested in studying other cultures, and I would really like to go somewhere where the values and beliefs are different than the ones I know," she said.

Wherever she goes, Self will be working on the stories she wants to tell. She admires J.K. Rowling and A.J. Jacobs, currently her two favorite authors.

"I love how J.K. Rowling writes in a way that makes an entirely new world come to life that's still relatable to readers. I've read her books many times over and I never get tired of them," she said. "A.J. Jacob's books are really interesting. My favorite part about his writing is his ability to infuse humor into the written word -- humor that actually makes me laugh out loud. A.J. Jacobs is one of the only authors I read that writes nonfiction.

"I want to write books that I would want to read. I'd really like to write adventure stories that give people a big sense of imagination and excitement."

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