Student Spotlight: Christopher Metcalfe

Christopher Metcalfe

Christopher Metcalfe
Major: Accounting
Hometown: Naperville

Christopher Metcalfe originally hoped to be a biology/pre-med major, but he did not enjoy the classes.

"A friend of mine suggested taking some business classes, one of which was accounting," he said. "During my accounting course, I began to really like the material that I was learning. The practical uses were almost endless since every single business uses accounting."

Metcalfe applied to several four-year schools to pursue a bachelor's degree in Accounting and was accepted at the University of Illinois at Chicago and Northern Illinois University. He selected UIC and transfers in 2013. After graduating, Metcalfe would like to work for a large accounting firm.

Attending College of DuPage allowed Metcalfe to save money and work part-time. It also provided a solid foundation both for his career and his life.

"COD helped me reach my goals by providing me with a strong concept base that I can use in everyday life and in future classes that I take," he said. "I met some great people here at COD who I feel will be great connections to have later in life."

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