Student Spotlight: Kevin McPherson

Kevin McPherson

Kevin McPherson

Kevin McPherson took the EMT course at College of DuPage in the summer of 2009, following his high school graduation. Although he went away to a four-year school that fall to study biochemistry and microbiology, McPherson found it was not the path he wanted to take.

“It was just not what I had a passion for, what I could apply myself to. I came back to COD and decided I’d like to pursue a career in health care because I really liked the EMT course and medicine in general.”

Knowing he wanted to work toward something in the medical field, McPherson began taking gen ed classes, and in 2012, he completed College of DuPage’s Certified Nursing Assistant program.

“It’s really pretty short, just part of a semester, but it’s four to five hours a day plus clinical. You’re working on skills and then getting the knowledge base to understand patients’ treatment needs, being able to understand and being able to anticipate what is going to be needed. It’s a lot of material to cover in a short amount of time, so a lot of it you learn while you’re actually practicing. But being able to think back and understand what’s going on is definitely invaluable.”

By the end of that year, McPherson was putting his skills to work as a patient care technician at Cadence Health.  Now McPherson is applying to the 3+1 Nursing program at College of DuPage, which will allow him to earn a bachelor’s degree from partner school Benedictine University. 

“Being able to interact with patients in a friendly environment, letting them know you care and are doing everything for them -- it’s something that you get into and look forward to doing.”

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