Student Spotlight: Kristin Kubelsky

Kristin Kubelsky

Kristin Kubelsky
Major: Chemistry

Kristin Kubelsky can cite a number of reasons why she selected College of DuPage.

But one stands out above the others: the personal attention she received from her professors, which helped her succeed in the classroom.

“All of my Chemistry professors were extremely helpful in making sure I understood all of the material presented,” Kubelsky said. “Professor (Lubna) Haque, my Chemistry professor my first semester, provided me with numerous opportunities, helping me receive an internship at Argonne National Laboratory.”

Kubelsky, who is still working at Argonne as a cooperative education student, earned her Associate in Science degree while focusing on chemistry. She transferred to Benedictine University to earn a bachelor's degree in Chemistry and will begin in fall 2015 to work on research with a faculty member that deals with using electroanalytical methods of study.

Her ultimate goal is to earn her doctorate. She is considering chemical engineering as a career and may even look into physics, as long as her job pursues new innovations for the future.

Whichever path she takes, Kubelsky is sure to maintain contact with her professors at College of DuPage and advises new students to do the same.

“Everyone I know who attended COD always told me that it was a great school not only for financial reasons but also for the class environment and the amount of help the professors are willing to give you,” she said. “Students considering COD should always make sure they ask their instructors for help if needed because they are always willing to do so!”

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