Student Spotlight: Nikki Klix

Nikki Klix

Nikki Klix
Major: Theater

Acting is the only thing that Nikki Klix ever wanted to do.

“The first thing that interested me in performing was ‘Annie.’ Yes, the movie ‘Annie,’” she said. “More accurately, that's what first interested me in singing -- in front of anyone at any time. There was never any stage fright in my bones. I also loved to imitate Shirley Temple. That's going waaaaay back. Thank goodness I have the most lovely, supportive parents on earth.”

In addition to acting and singing, Klix also studied violin. She decided to pursue music education at College of DuPage, but after one semester she realized her heart was in acting. So she took an acting class with Amelia Barrett and never looked back.

Along the way, Klix made an important – and surprising – discovery.

“I actually looked forward to class, and I never saw that coming,” she said. “I learned to appreciate the social sciences. And I finally became academically disciplined. I grew up in my three years at COD.”

Klix also got her professional start with Buffalo Theatre Ensemble, the professional resident ensemble at College of DuPage. She since has worked with some of Chicago's best theater companies, including Steppenwolf and Northlight, as well as several storefront theaters where she has the opportunity to workshop, develop and perform in new works. Although she is no longer pursuing a degree, Klix continues to take classes and acting/technique workshops at places like Acting Studio Chicago and The Chicago Musical Theatre Workshop.

Klix is a new ensemble member with Strawdog Theatre Company, where her first play adaptation and world premiere of “Fail/Safe” will open in September 2014. She will be in the remount of “Plastic Revolution” produced by The New Colony at The Den in winter 2015, and he is performing in the North American premiere of “Quiz Show” at Strawdog in spring 2015. She also created and hosts a new late-night cabaret called “Klix and the City.”

“I’m surrounded by Chicago talent and I'm learning what inspires me and am constantly seeking it out,” she said. “My personal goal is to continue challenging myself and getting out of my comfort zone on stage whenever I can. My career goal keeps changing. There are no guarantees, there's no security, and you have to make a lot of compromises. It's hard work! Because of the generosity and openness and encouragement I received at COD, I have the tools and the confidence to pursue this dream no matter how 'impractical' and uncertain.

“As far as the Theater program goes, I have always said and will continue to say to anyone who listens how proud I am of my education at COD. I was incredibly fortunate to attend a school that is so rich in the arts and has amazing teachers and mentors in Connie (Canaday Howard) and Amelia. The classes I took, and the relationships I made, the experiences and opportunities that came along with being a student in the Theater program have shaped the artist I am today. And once I began to understand the kind of artist I am and the kind of artist I can be, I learned who I was. I will forever cherish my years spent there.”

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