Student Spotlight: Amy Karony

Amy Karony

Amy Karony
Major: Manufacturing

Although she has a degree in mechanical engineering, Amy Karony realized she had little knowledge about how what she designed was actually made. 

"I wanted to get a full understanding of this, as well as beef up my computer-aided modeling skills using Solidworks," she said.

Karony enrolled in the Manufacturing program at College of DuPage and decided to try out different types of classes.

"I really enjoy the hands-on aspect of actually making a product, and it's cool to be able to bring my own designs to life," she said. "The variety of classes and subjects have helped me to both try many different things that I'm interested in and narrow down my interests. The teachers are very supportive and proactive for students who put forth the effort, and I've been very lucky to study with some pretty good instructors who are passionate about their subject matter."

Instructor Christopher Wetzel considers Karony one of his best students.

"Amy is very good at coming up with innovative ideas. I am impressed with the work that she has done in the manufacturing design classes," he said.

Although Karony isn't sure what to do with her newfound knowledge, she's intrigued by the possibilities.

"I would like to use my engineering background, new manufacturing knowledge and the graphic design experience that I've been accumulating and marry these into a new career path," she said. "I always tell people that my dream job would be to design a vehicle, and I think with the skills I have and I'm acquiring here, I could finally be on the right path.

"I would tell new students that you get as much out of your education as you put into it. If you want to really learn something, then aim high, ask questions and try your hardest to succeed. That's how you will get the most out of your time at COD."

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