Student Spotlight: Jayni Huster

Jayni Huster

Jayni Huster
Major: Associate in General Studies

Jayni Huster chose College of DuPage as a way to explore many opportunities.

“When I started, I was undecided on my major, and College of DuPage offers a huge variety of programs and classes that opened my eyes to what I was really interested in and what I should pursue as my career choice,” she explained. “Even in my first semester, I explored so many different areas of study that I never thought I would have a chance to learn about.”

Huster started at COD in 2010 and received both the Freshman scholarship and the Bates and Bates Attorneys at Law scholarship.

“Knowing that there are generous donators looking to help me succeed in life was very motivating,” she said. “I didn't worry about how I would afford my schooling, because I realized that there were scholarships available if you just take the time and effort into looking for them and applying.”

Huster earned her Associate in Arts degree and transferred to San Diego State University, where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences in Journalism with an emphasis in Media Studies.

“College of DuPage helped me to begin exploring different programs and classes. The flexibility in class times was also very helpful for me. I was able to keep up with my assignments and school work and also have time to take part in other activities that I enjoy, such as ice hockey.”

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Jayni Huster Shares COD Experience


Jayni Huster

COD student Jayni Huster talks about her experiences at College of DuPage.