Student Spotlight: Robert “R.J.” Hickok

Robert "RJ" Hickok

Robert “R.J.” Hickok
Major: Computer Information

Robert “R.J.” Hickok turned a bad encounter with a computer into useful knowledge.

“When I was younger, I disassembled a computer and ended up breaking it. Specifically, I fried a handful of parts from not grounding properly,” he said. “My dad forced me to fix it. Since then, I’ve had a knack for computers.”

After visiting several colleges and universities, Hickok discovered that College of DuPage had more to offer for less money.

“COD is a blessing in disguise, a low-hanging fruit, the holy grail in the Chicago suburbs,” he said. “I’ve been able to stay at home, save money and work – it looks good on my resume that I’m working. I’m also working with great faculty members who all have incredible resumes. I was startled when I found out some of my professors’ previous work histories. For me to be working with such talented people for as little as I pay in tuition shows the power COD has.”

Hickok is pursuing his Associate in Science degree and then plans to transfer for a bachelor’s degree in computer science. After that, he wants to start his own company. If that doesn’t work, he will return to school for a master’s and then try another company.

In fact, he “tested the waters” and started a wedding planning website, the Wedding Circle, which he recently sold after a successful run.

His advice to prospective students is to think of College of DuPage as not “just” a community college.

“I put COD in my back pocket and almost went to a university thinking, ‘If the university doesn't work out, I could go to COD,’” he said. “I couldn't begin to tell you how happy I am that I decided to stay. I’ve saved a lot of money and have been able to work with and meet some incredible people.

“Whatever you’re interested in, take a class at COD. If you like the people you're working with and you like what you’re doing, you could be potentially taking the first steps into your career field.”

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