Student Spotlight: John Hankiewicz

John Hankiewicz

John Hankiewicz

John Hankiewicz was never a degree-seeking student at College of DuPage.

“I was one of a handful of ‘repeat’ students in printmaking: folks who took the course again and again to further themselves as artists rather than to get a degree,” he said. “The class was, and probably still is, an exemplary model of community learning: experienced and first-time students interacting and benefiting from one another. Everyone had something to teach and learn, not just about printmaking but about being an artist.”

Hankiewicz began drawing pictures as a child, influenced by comic books and newspaper comics. Although he pursued a degree in English and became a writing teacher, he continued to draw and self-published his comics in small editions.

“At a certain point, I got burned out with teaching and decided to pursue art more single-mindedly. Because print was a medium I had worked in as a cartoonist, it made sense to investigate the potential of hand-printing, and so I took the printmaking course at COD.”

Hankiewicz earned a Master’s in Fine Arts degree in printmaking at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, in 2014. He now teaches beginning drawing at Miami University, and his goal is to keep making art and to make a living doing so.

He credits his professors at College of DuPage for providing their expertise during the 10 years he took classes. 

“The printmaking professors I met at COD over the years -— Laurie Steele, Teresa Parker and, of course, Chuck Boone —- did an excellent job of keeping the class informative and loose at the same time. My advice to students is to be yourself and learn from everybody. People make a great school – think bottom up and not top down.”

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