Student Spotlight: Jim Gosciniak

Jim Gosciniak

Jim Gosciniak
Major: Engineering
Hometown: LaGrange Park

Having a brother who followed a similar path, James Gosciniak decided that College of DuPage was the best option to pursue.

"I was vaguely familiar with COD by the time I was a junior in high school because my brother was already attending," he said. "Once I applied to the College, I was told about the specifics of the Presidential Scholarship and how it could benefit me. I felt COD was an attractive option because of the potential free tuition."

His brother had received the same scholarship and then transferred to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Although Gosciniak had been accepted to UIUC as well as to the University of Colorado at Boulder, he chose College of DuPage after being named a Presidential Scholar, an impressive feat that includes a full-tuition scholarship and enrollment in COD's Honors program and the Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society. 

And like his brother, Gosciniak is studying engineering.

"My interest in engineering started when I was in middle school and I began to excel in mathematics," he said. "In high school, I realized that I wanted to apply my skills in this area to something more, and upon taking a physics course I figured I should give engineering a shot. I'm not sure what specific area of work I want to get into at this time, seeing as how a degree in Mechanical Engineering can be a pretty flexible entity in the job market. As I continue to study, I'm sure one specific area will spark my interest more than others. So far I've taken a liking to architecture and large structures of the sort."

His time at COD has helped Gosciniak gain perspective on what to expect during the next few years.

"I'm experiencing great success so far, currently getting straight A's in a few upper-level math and science courses as well as courses that do not pertain to my major," he said. "It is the humanities courses that have taught me the most so far. 

"My main goal for my education is to not only complete all the courses in my path but to excel in every area that my major requires me to. To be ultimately prepared for a career is what I want to do."

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