Student Spotlight: Margaret Glenzinski

Margaret Glenzinski

Margaret Glenzinski
Major: Culinary Arts

Margaret Glenzinski knew she wanted to pursue something in the culinary field but was unsure of what that would be.

So she enrolled at College of DuPage, taking one class at a time, knowing little about the Culinary Arts program but thankful that COD was close to home. It wasn't until her second year, when the new Culinary & Hospitality Center opened on campus, that she began to understand the opportunities ahead of her.

"I was professionally in the culinary business 12 years ago and I have always maintained some involvement with food. I have entertained, volunteered  or cooked for family and friends," she said. "Once the program moved, I realized the quality and value of the program. I was then able to take more classes at a time and began to feel some continuity.

"While my goals were to become a better cook, the coursework expanded my expectations as well as my knowledge in the field. The program has a well-rounded choice of courses that will be relevant in my future work situations. Personally, I have become a better student, more organized and prepared for class. This is mostly due to the high expectations and prevalent and quality information given from each of my instructors."

While at the College, Glenzinski received the Tony Priolo Chef Scholarship and was one of 16 selected to participate in the Testa Cooking competition. Although she did not place, she did receive a monetary award for her participation.

After earning her certificate in 2014, Glenzinski would like to be involved in the community, volunteering her time to cook. She would also like to pass on her knowledge to others and teach cooking. 

She highly recommends College of DuPage's Culinary Arts program and encourages others to take advantage of the many opportunities available beyond the classroom.

"I have participated in the Visiting Chef dinners, attended professional demonstrations and met many people in the industry just from classroom experience," she said. "The faculty has a wealth of talent and knowledge they are willing and able to share, but it is up to the student to reach out and use them to develop your career and better yourself.

"I really am surprised as well as impressed by College of DuPage and the quality of education I am receiving. I was uncertain about returning to school as an adult. I have found each class relevant and have experienced teachers who are talented and professional. The opportunities to grow and challenge yourself are always being offered. One would not have these opportunities available if not at COD. I am grateful for the experience and for the people I have met."

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