Student Spotlight: Maria Garza

Maria Garza

Maria Garza
Major: Accounting
Hometown: Plainfield

Maria Garza finished her first semester at Penn State but realized it wasn't right for her.

"I wanted a school known for its great education, not for its parties," she said. "My dad had moved to Illinois and heard so much about College of DuPage that we decided it was the best option in the state."

Garza wanted to major in accounting, and when she took Financial Accounting at COD, she knew it was the right path for her.

"I like math and problem-solving, and accounting has both in one major," she said. "In accounting, you learn how to analyze problems, break them down and then solve them. Accounting classes are really great for any major or just for your own personal experience, because it will help you in many aspects of your life."

Although she hasn't decided upon a specific career within accounting, she is completing the summer 2013 session at Arizona State University and will stay at the school as a Supply Chain Management major in the WP Carey Business School.

She is happy that she took full advantage of what College of DuPage offers.

"Coming from a big school, I didn't get the attention there that I did at COD," she said. "The teachers take their time to help you with what you need, they answer questions right away, and they help us by sharing their personal experiences.

"COD also has many great resources that help you meet your goals. Counselors guided me through the process and gave me advice that I put into practice. And the Learning Commons is a great resource for people who need additional help." 

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