Student Spotlight: Cassandra Fenwick

Cassandra Fenwick

Cassandra Fenwick
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Naperville

Community colleges have been a family affair for Cassandra Fenwick.

Both of her parents attended community colleges, and two older siblings went to College of DuPage. So Fenwick was aware of the many benefits that COD offered. In fact, she began taking advantage of the opportunities while still in high school.

"During my junior year, I took COD classes through the Early Admission program," she said. "This really smoothed my transition to college because I was already familiar with the area. My older siblings also introduced me to the campus and told me about all the social hangouts."

Fenwick was named a Presidential Scholar, an impressive feat that includes a full-tuition scholarship and enrollment in COD's Honors program and the Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society. She wants to pursue a degree in psychology, although she did consider engineering.

"My sister is pursuing a degree in psychology and I've been able to see the positive differences she's made in the lives of those around her," she said. "What I really appreciate about psychology is that it can be applied to almost every area of life, making it a very diverse field. Originally I was considering a career in engineering. This was because I love to solve problems and also because the salary is very agreeable. However, I chose to change to psychology because I felt that I would feel more fulfilled at the end of the day." 

After earning her associate's degree at COD, Fenwick would like to pursue both bachelor's and master's degrees in psychology. After beginning her career, she would like to return to school and pursue a Ph.D.

"I want to find a job where I can really make a difference," she said. "I am currently considering a particular subfield of psychology that I feel I would excel at. I want to work with criminal psychology, either for court cases and forensics or for criminal rehabilitation."

So far, Fenwick is enjoying her time at College of DuPage. She joined the Sociology Club and became treasurer of the Indie Film Club.

She also feels COD is preparing her well, just like community colleges have benefitted the rest of her family.

"One of my goals is to get good grades, and COD provides many tutors who are extremely helpful whenever I have questions on a paper I'm writing, or even on some math homework that is giving me trouble," she said. "The library at COD is amazing! There are so many wonderful resources that it really takes the stress out of research projects. These all have worked together to guide me toward the level of achievement that I have set for my education. My personal goal of meeting new people has been achieved through joining the Sociology and Indie Film Club student groups on campus.

"I appreciate all of the opportunities that I have been given because of my education at College of DuPage. I would also encourage COD students to get involved in the activities on campus, such as sports or clubs. These allow you to make lasting friendships and gain connections to people who can help you on your path to a higher
education and a fulfilling career."

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