Student Spotlight: Colton Eakins

Colton Eakins

Colton Eakins
Major: Engineering/Science

College of DuPage just makes sense to Colton Eakins.

“I cannot pick one aspect that made me decide to choose College of DuPage,” he said. “I am sure most people would respond that the low tuition was their tipping point. While this may also be true in my case, I think it is more pertinent to note what makes me stay at the College of DuPage: the faculty. No student is perfect in his or her studies. My professors and my counselors have provided much-needed support. Higher education is full of choices, and College of DuPage was – and still is – the best option for me.”

Eakins admits, though, that higher education would not have been an option without being named a Presidential Scholar, which includes a full tuition scholarship and enrollment in COD’s Honors program and the Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society.

“I do not do College of DuPage justice when I say being a Presidential Scholar is an honor,” he said. “I will always be thankful for the College’s investment in me as an individual. I will pay the College back with my efforts over these next two years, and I will leave an impact on the College in the same way it has and continues to impact me.”

Eakins is studying bioengineering and plans to earn both an Associate in Science and an Associate in Engineering Science. He believes the major is a perfect match for his strengths.

“Education is not short term for me. My major will carry me throughout College of DuPage and beyond, and I could not be happier,” he said. “I know it is a big dream, but I plan to earn my way into a medical school. The odds are certainly against me, yet there would practically be no chance without College of DuPage. Ultimately, I plan to become the most distinguished person I can be in the medical community. I want education to be part of my whole life, and I want to use it to change the world for the better. Regardless of my official title, I will achieve my life goal.

“With that being said, the College helps me see flaws that will hinder my dream if left unnoticed. I come to College of DuPage to learn – not necessarily to put a high GPA on my transfer application. I do not care if I fail every class. I do not care if I ace every class. I care if I feel I have improved in my own right. This, in a sense, is my personal goal: improvement. By simply being at College of DuPage, all of my goals are slowly looking more achievable.”

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