Faculty Spotlight: David Chu

David Chu

David Chu
Program: Graphic Design

David Chu finds graphic design one of the most challenging and exciting professions in the world because it deals with all aspects of life.

"As graphic designers, we constantly have to understand the clients' needs and be a problem solver," explained Chu, a professor of Graphic Design at College of DuPage. "Every day is a new challenge and a way to connect with people of different backgrounds to reach the target audience."

Chu brings real-world experience to his graphic design classes. Before coming to COD, he worked as a package designer at Green Bay Packaging, as a car designer for General Motors in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and as art director/designer for such multinational advertising agencies as Young & Rubicam, J.W. Thompson, Proeme Campbell-Ewald, Lintas Worldwide and Norton/Publicis. He has designed packaging, exhibits, corporate identities, advertisements and promotional campaigns for companies such as Purina, Ford, Nestle, Unilever, Kellogg's, Philips, Kodak, Johnson & Johnson, Lever Industrial and Warner Lambert.

Among the many people who inspire Chu is Steve Jobs, founder of Apple.

"I'm inspired by people who are passionate, energetic about their work, who are not afraid to take new challenges, and people who failed and came back to be more successful than ever," he said. "Jobs is one of the unique people who is a true testimony of willpower. Even under the most unfavorable situation in his life, he came back and made Apple one of today's success stories in corporate America."

But it's teaching that Chu now loves, and he hopes his students learn to see and understand the world.

"I try to help my students learn to express themselves creatively and to be successful in the business world," he said. "I encourage them to define their own perspective and personality, to understand advertising and design, to have the technical skills to create it, and to apply the principles to themselves as professionals."

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