Faculty Spotlight: Lisa Capozzoli

Lisa Capozzoli

Lisa Capozzoli
Program: Accounting

While working at Pricewaterhouse, Lisa Capozzoli taught and trained first-year staff members. And that experience eventually led to a career change.

"I fully realized that teaching was for me," she explained. "I love to connect with others and empower them to do their best."

Capozzoli is now the coordinator of the Accounting program at College of DuPage, and she's helped many students realize their dreams.

"I hope that my students gain an appreciation for their own abilities, learn to believe in themselves, and realize that they too can achieve their goals and be successful," she said. "I also wish that my students would catch the vision of a love of learning and that it is a life-long process."

Capozzoli became interested in accounting after she started her undergraduate degree at DePaul University's College of Commerce. After several internships with Pricewaterhouse, she realized she enjoyed the fast-paced business world of auditing Fortune 500 companies. She then worked for Pricewaterhouse after earning her master's degree in accounting and becoming a CPA.

But it wasn't long before she was hooked on teaching, and she became a full-time instructor in DePaul University's undergraduate/honors and graduate accounting programs.

"I found teaching full-time at DePaul and at COD has allowed me to grow and really develop as a faculty member," Capozzoli said. "I truly love the learning process and being able to share this with my students.

"It's also an honor to watch students realize that they have potential and then empower them to do their best. I believe that we all have a mission to live to our full potentials, and then share that with others to inspire them to do their best."

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