Marijuana Decriminalization and DUI

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Program Information:

This one-day course is for patrol officers who want to expand beyond the traditional, alcohol-based DUI arrests by increasing their knowledge of the 625 ILCS 501 medical marijuana (A) (4) arrest and non-medical marijuana (A) (6) DUI arrest. Patrol benefit by expanding their understanding of these types of arrests for report and arrest protocols and approval.
Content includes the 2014 Medical Marijuana law and driving restrictions; recognizing the clues and physical tells of drivers under the influence of cannabis; testing for and recognizing unique eye indicator; completing the sworn report and warning to motorist; writing the basic report; and testifying in SSSH hearings and DUI trials. Officers gain familiarity with the pharmacokinetics of THC (the active substance in cannabis), cumulative effects of cannabis use, and physiology of THC accumulation and removal in the body.

Topics Include:

  • Which SFSTs are appropriate for medical marijuana
  • When the medical marijuana exemption is not valid
  • Proper procedure for collecting urine specimens in police stations
  • Writing an effective DUI cannabis report
  • Seizing and processing contraband as part of the arrest


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