Faulty Advisors

If you are considering this program as an area of study, consult with a faculty advisor in this field. To send an email, click on the name of the advisor you wish to reach.

Charles Vanderwarf, M.S., R.R.T. Program Coordinator
Health and Science Center (HSC) 2202W, (630) 942-2105

If you are unable to contact a faculty advisor, messages may be left with the Health and Sciences Division, HSC 1220, (630) 942-8331.

Contact Information

If you are interested in learning more about this program, please

    1. Attend an advising session
    2. Visit a Health Career Program Advisor by calling (630) 942-2259 to make an appointment.
    3. For information or general inquiries, please send an email to healthcareadvising@cod.edu. (Please use above phone number only to schedule an appointment. Do not send an appointment request to this email).

Feedback/compliments/concerns regarding this Health Science Program. For general inquiries, please use contact information listed above.