Full-Time Faculty

To reach any full-time or associated faculty members, call the number listed, visit their office, or click on their to send an email.

Helen Feng
(630) 942-2476, BIC 2626C

V. Sam Mitrani
(630) 942-3131, BIC 2626B 

Brian Moran
(630) 942-3044, BIC 2626D

John Paris
(630) 942-2064, BIC 2626F

Ben Whisenhunt
(630) 942-3144, BIC 2626E

Associated Faculty

Shingo Satsutani  
(630) 942-2019, BIC 2625F

Adjunct Faculty

To reach any of these faculty members, call 942-2800 and then the extension, or click on a name to send an email.

Edward L. Bates
Ext. 52694

Michael Dusik
Ext. 53232

Donald Jacobson
Ext. 53220

Samuel M. Lipkin
Ext. 52104

Dolores F. Marsh
Ext. 53094