Getting Started

Where do I start? What course do I take next?

The course you should take next is dependent on many variables:

  • What do you want to learn about computers?
  • What do you already know about computers?
  • Are you working toward a CIS degree or certificate?
  • Are you planning to transfer the course to another college?

Suggested Starting Courses

You should start with one of the following courses; they have no CIS prerequisites but CIS 1400 does have a math prerequisite. For complete descriptions click on the course number. Additional information to help you decide which course fits you best is listed.

Course Additional Information
Course Descriptions

CIS 1110 - Using Computers

  • Will NOT transfer
  • Not part of a CIS degree or certificate
  • Intended for the home or casual user

CIS 1120 - The Internet

  • Basic and advanced Internet skills
  • Required for HTML and Web Design Software classes

CIS 1130 - Windows Basics

  • In-depth study of the Windows Environment

CIS 1150 - Introduction to Computer Information Systems

  • Transfers to most four-year schools
  • Required for all CIS certificates and degrees

CIS 1160 - Windows Command Line

  • Overview of Windows Command Shell
  • Required as a program requirement for some CIS programs

CIS 1400 - Programming and Logic Techniques

  • Required for all CIS certificates and degrees
  • Required for enrollment in any programming language
  • Prerequisite - Math 0482 or Math 1115

Seeking a degree or certificate? Transferring to a four-year school?

Usually students who intend to transfer or intend to complete a certificate or degree at the College of DuPage start with CIS 1150 - Introduction to Computer Information Systems. CIS 1150 is a survey course that covers many areas of computers, such as hardware, software, and the Internet. Hands-on experience with the Windows operating system and Microsoft Office is included. CIS 1150 is required for all certificates and degrees at College of DuPage and will transfer to most four-year schools.

Contact Information

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Kathy Kotowski, Tech-Connect Advisor
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Kim Groesbeck, Program Support Specialist
Technical Education Center (TEC), Room 1054, (630) 942-2599

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