College of DuPage Photography : Program Equipment


The College of DuPage Photography Program offers one of the most comprehensive facilities in the area for both film and digital based photography.

On the film side, yes we still have an extensive film program and we have processing and print rooms with thirty-two enlargers for 35mm to 8x10 formats. Chemistry is provided.

Two digital classrooms have iMac computers at each station with Adobe Photoshop, Bridge, Lightroom, Aperture, Dreamweaver and other software. Other areas have additional Macs set up with professional scanners and printers.

Below is a list of equipment that is available for student use:

Digital Cameras
  • Canon T5, T3, and Nikon 5200
  • Canon 5D Mark III & Nikon D610
Lighting (for Studio use only)
  • Fiilex LED Light System
    • Smith-Victor flood lights
    • Arri and Mole-Richardson Fresnel spot lights
  • Profoto 2400 strobe light kits with 3 heads and accessories
  • Profoto 1200R strobe mono lights
    • Various light stands, camera stands, booms, umbrellas, soft boxes, reflectors, backdrop stands, props, etc.
    • Smith-Victor Quartz Light Kit for remote use
Digital Lab Equipment
  • iMac computers
  • Epson Imacon scanners
  • Canon Pro 1 Printers
  • HP Z2100 44 inch wide format printer / Epson Wide Format
  • Monaco Optix color calibrators
  • Zoom portable digital audio recorders
Film Cameras (some are for Studio use only)
  • Vivitar 3800 35mm, Nikon, and Canon film cameras
  • Hasselblad medium format with lenses from 80mm to 180mm
  • Mamiya medium format 645E with 80mm lens
  • Calumet and Sinar 4x5 with lens from 65mm to 300mm
  • Sekonic and Pentax light meters
  • Manfrotto tripods
Printing and Processing
  • Largest black and white darkroom in the country
  • tanks, reels, thermometers for 35mm film
  • lenses, negative carriers, easels, contact frames, multigrade filters and grain focusers for multiple sizes and formats
Print Finishing
  • Logan mat cutters
  • Seal dry mount presses
  • print trimmers