Books and Videos Regarding Juarez

Senorita Extraviada: Missing Young Woman

A film by Lourdes Portillo, one of the most comprehensive pieces regarding the victims and their families. Visit Lourdes' website, and the film's homepage.

Witness: City of Dreams

A film by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, it may be viewed online. Go to the film's website.

Huesos en el Desierto

By Sergio Gonzalez Rodriguez
Barcelona: Editorial Anagrama, 2002
ISBN: 84-339-2554-7

Las Muertas de Juarez

By Victor Ronquillo
Mexico City: Booket, 2004
ISBN: 968-37-0148-5




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Juarez: The Laboratory of Our Future

By Charles Bowden
New York: Aperture, 1998
ISBN: 0-89381-776-7


By Oscar Desfassiaux Trechuelo
Mexico City: Libros para Todos, 2004
ISBN: 970-661-235-1

Las Muertas de Juarez

By Maria del Socorro Alcala Iberri
Mexico City: Editorial Libra, 2004
ISBN: 970-60-6203-3