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Throughout these pages you'll find numerous useful references to Mexico and Latin America, U.S. Foreign Policy, and Urban Geography. I am a Latin Americanist geographer, with a particular emphasis on political and economic geography. I contextualize the state of Latin America in terms of U.S. Foreign Policy, and international bodies such as the I.M.F. and World Bank.

Important News

Stop the murders in Ciudad Juarez! One of my primary activities has centered around the violence against women in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. With 400 women confirmed killed, and 4500 missing, the posterchild of economic globalization has become a nightmare for women. I have participated in several delegations to Juarez, and brought several students to the city. Interested in human rights work, or seeing the impact of economic globalization firsthand? Contact me, as I'm looking to bring more students to Juarez. Also, look for a new class at COD entitled "Juarez: The Laboratory of Our Future," which will involve a week-long field study to the city.

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