Visual Basic 6.0

College of DuPage - Business and Professional Institute

Course Code #23962 Winter 2003


Course Overview: This 6 session course introduces the student to event-driven object-oriented programming using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0. It is an introductory course intended for students with little programming experience. Students learn how to plan, code and debug Visual Basic applications as well as the principles of a well designed graphical user interface. The course includes writing a Visual Basic front end to an Access database.


Instructor: Peggy Witt (630) 717-8226


When: Tuesday 6:30 9:30 PM 1/7/03 to 2/11/03

Where: K Building, Room 141


Textbook: Programming with MS Visual Basic 6.0: An Object-Oriented Approach, Ekedah/Newman, Course Technologies.

Buy either the Comprehensive (ISBN: 0-7600-1076-5) at the COD bookstore in the Non-Credit Section or Introductory (ISBN: 0-7600-1073-0) at


Note: The student files used in the course must be copied to floppy disks. They can be found on the web at and in our lab at COD. I provide one floppy disk to copy some of these files. You will need two additional floppy disks to copy the rest of the files. Bring the disk to every class.


Class Schedule: January 7 to February 11, 2003

1. Chapter 1 Getting Started with Visual Basic

For next week: do Exercise 1 (p 53) and read Chapter 1


2. Chapter 2 Understanding Code and Variables

For next week: do Exercise 1 (p 110) and read Chapter 2


3. Chapter 3 Decision Making

For next week: do Exercise 2 (p 161) and read Chapter 3


4. Chapter 4 Objects and the Events They Generate

For next week: do Exercise 1 (p 199) and read Chapter 4


5.            Chapter 5 Creating a Program to Manage Data

For next week: do Exercise 1 (p.258) and read Chapter 5


6.            Chapter 6 Repetition and Multiple Forms and

Chapter 7 Reading and Writing Text Files into List Boxes and Arrays

The first part only of chapters 6 & 7.