Interesting Links



·         General Sites:

o        Canadian Animated Demos/Visualization

·         Projectile Motion

o        The History of Projectile Motion  ... .Look at all the pages, there are some examples which clarify things we discussed.  Also some very interesting history.


·         Circular Motion and Satellites

o        General Circular Motion Principles....explains relationships between angular and linear velocities and more

o        Circular Motion Principles for Satellites....very nice explanation, showing how vectors add up in orbit!!

o        Gravity and Satillites... Some beautiful animations and clear exlanation

o        Satellite Simulation


·         Structure of Matter

o        Atomic Structure...  A nice explanation with attractive illustrations

o        Periodic Table of the Elements (JavaScript) ... Interactive Table where you can see how electron shells work into the organization of the Periodic Table.

o        Periodic Table   Active Periodic Table where you can see patterns of outer electron in table (electron configurations)

o        Matter: States of Matter ...  Good explanation and nice animated Flash clips at "Solid-Liquid-Gas Comparison"

o        Atomic Orbitals  Visualizations of Electron Clouds surrounding atoms.

o        Einstein's Explanation of Brownian Motion


·         Using a Vernier (to measure small distances etc.)

o        Vernier


·         Solids and Liquids

o        Pressure

o        Density

o        Archimedes Principle and Buoyancy

o        Buoyancy Basics

o        Balloons and Buoyancy

o        PhysicPascal's Principle

o        Arch Forces

·         Water

o        The anomalous properties of water

o        Water physics


·         Specific Heat

o        Specific Heat (hyperphysics)

o        specific heat (with examples)


·         Heat and Temperature

o        Gas Law Program   This link has a great applet showing how the gas law looks at a molecular level.

o        Molecular Model for an Ideal Gas   A little harder to use, but far more exciting!

o        Einstein's Explanation of Brownian Motion

o        Bernoulli's Principle Animation

o        Gas Molecules Simulation

o        Carnot Cycle (Heat Engine)


o        Howstuffworks "How Hydraulic Machines Work"

o        Conduction & Convection   Applet showing molecular level

o        Heat Transfer: Conduction, Convection, Radiation  Very good illustrations and explanation/thought problems

o        Thermal Conduction/Equilibrium Applet/Example

o        Thermal Radiation Curves Applet

·         Thermodynamics

o        Phase Change applet showing liquid/vapor phase change at molecular levelmp  Temps/attractions effects

o        Gasoline Engines   applet showing otto cycle animation  P-V curve animated cylinder

o        Enropy AnimationJ

o        entropy 1

o        Entropy 2

o        NetLogo Models Library: Entropy

o        More Entropy!

o        Carnot Cycle  Beautiful Animation

o        Carnot Cycle & Maximum Efficiency of Any Heat Engine Tutorial

o        The Happy Molecules

o        Molecules in Motion Java Applet

o        Virtual Laboratory: Thermodynamic Equilibrium


·         Waves

o        Stadium Waves

o        Wave on a String

o        Wave on a string

o        Fantastic Wave Motion


o        Introduction to Waves

o        Standing Waves and Musical Instruments

o        Three Dimensional Wave 1

o        Transverse Waves-1

o        Transverse Wave--Sinusoidal Source

o        Standing longitudinal waves

o         The location of supersonic airplane

o        Supersonic & Doppler


o        Sound/Doppler  Police Car animation

o        doppler (moving source wave visualization

o        Doppler Effect  (audible sound)

o        Efecto Doppler

o        Tone Beats

o        Experiments on Wave Interference

o        Speed of Light or any other wave


·        Acoustics

o       Plane Wave Demonstrations

o        Plane Wave Single particle s

o       Amplitude Plane Wave s

o       ProductionPlane Wave Applet Demonstrations

o       Sender and Receiver Plane Demonstrations

o       Sound Wave Interference Applet

o       Loaded String Simulation

o       Ripple Tank Simulation

o       Beats

o       NTNU JAVA :: View topic - Reflection and Refraction

o       Interference Movie


·         Optics

o        Optics Bench



·         Electricity and Magnetism

o        Electrostatics Simulation

o        The Electric Force

o        Charges and Fields Applet

o        Wave in Spacel

o        NTNU JAVA View topic - Propagation of Electromagnetic Wave

o        Electrodynamics Simulation (TE)


electric circuits






·         Relativity (Concepts)

o        The Light Cone - An Illuminating Introduction to Relativity (by Rob Salgado)






·         Quantum Mechanics

o        The Atomic Lab

o        The Wave Nature of Matter

o        Schrödinger's Atom


·         In the News

o        Find the Physics


Last two weeks Lecture notes:

Rutherford Atom Applet/Tutorial

Experiments in Wave Interference

The photoelectric effect

Photoelectric Effect Applet



Wave Particle Duality

Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle

Spectral Lines/Quanta

Wave nature of Matter/electron 'spectra'


Radioactive Decay Applet