Jackie Van De Veire

Instructor of Biology, Natural & Applied Sciences

630-942-4445, extension 54332


  I began a formal study of plant anatomy under Dr. Howard Arnott at The University of Texas at Arlington where I completed a Masters thesis involving the electron microscope/light microscope study of idioblastic sclereid cells in the storage roots of Nymphaea mexicana. My interest in aquatic plants led me to doctoral studies on the east coast where I began to explore the field of plant systematics under Dr. Garrett Crow. I am currently studying the flora of Asia in conjunction with Dr. Jun Wen at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. The goal of our project is to use the distribution of Panax (ginseng) to explore the evolution of Eastern Asian and Eastern North American disjunct distributions in flowering plants. I am traveling to Japan again this summer to study the Japanese language and collect plants in the Araliaceae (ginseng family) for my research at the Field Museum. This field experience is being funded by a Multicultural Professional Development Grant from the College of DuPage and an additional grant from the Field Museum of Natural History. I look forward to sharing my experiences of Japanese culture and biology with students at the College of DuPage.

Jackie Teaches:

Biology 101
Biology 102
Biology 103

Fall Quarter 2004

Field Trips:

  1. Botany Department at the Field Museum of Natural History
  2. Garfield Park Conservatory
  3. The Morton Arboretum

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