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R.L Tarsitano

R. L. Tarsitano

Adjunct Professor
Political Science

Mr. Tarsitano has been a classroom teacher since 1962, except for a couple of years while pursuing his graduate work. Summing up his teaching career, many of his colleagues comment that it has been "a rich and diverse teaching experience." He has taught the inner city poor in Chicago, the rural ranch community in Nebraska, the Native American Sioux in South Dakota, the imprisoned at the Cook County Jail, and in suburbia at Elmhurst, Illinois.

In 1981, Tarsitano's later half of his teaching career began when he took a teaching adjunct post at the College of DuPage, where he taught all the political science courses in the classroom. In 1989, in honor of our Nation's 200th. Bicentennial Anniversary Celebration, Tarsitano developed and taught two new political science courses, The Federalist Papers and The Anti-Federalist Papers. These treatises are widely considered by constitutional scholars as valuable philosophical and pragmatic prescriptions that underpin our constitutional traditions.

In 1989, Tarsitano has developed and taught in the Center for Independent Learning (CIL) two political science courses, Pol Sci 100 (Introduction to Political Science) and Pol Sci 101 (American Politics Video Course). Since '99, he has introduced, developed and has taught the Political Science 1101, American Politics Internet Course.

In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Tarsitano acted as a consultant to the college's ever-expanding outreach programs in

  1. marketing staff development nursing care plans,
  2. promoting the National Issues Forums in DuPage County, and
  3. producing the initial stages of the Earth, Sea, and Sky telelearning course for the hearing impaired student.

In metropolitan DuPage County, Tarsitano served on the Illinois State Board of Education's Citizens Vision Committee at the regional and state levels — dedicated to improve the quality of secondary education in Illinois.

Tarsitano has been a member of two national political science associations, American Political Science Association and the Midwest Political Science Association. He holds a U.S. Patent, wrote his thesis on Plato's Notion of Justice in the Republic, (copies in library), and completed his graduate work at Loyola University of Chicago. Tarsitano honorably served a four year term of duty in the U.S. Air Force during the Korean War Era. Finally, in 1995, Mr. Tarsitano was awarded an Outstanding Teacher Adjunct Faculty Award at the College of DuPage. He completed a six year elective term of office as trustee of the Helen Plum Memorial Library and is a former precinct committeeman of a major national political party.

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