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Unauthorized Modifications

Policy Consequences

We have had a number of instances of unapproved and undesirable modifications to various software programs, operating system and hardware in the computer art lab. Therefore, everyone needs to read the following memo from Chuck Boone, director of our lab.

".....Everyone must keep in mind that this lab does not exist for the comfort and convenience of any one student. It is a teaching environment. As such the setup of any and all machines must remain consistent or novice users will not be able to identify and use the interface as taught.


Hence, the following :

1. No student, under any circumstances, is allowed to change, overwrite, or modify any user profile or preference menu.
2. No student is to add, delete, or rearrange icons or taskbars to the interface.
3. No student is to ever load software to any machine, even on a temporary basis.
4. No student is to run any utility software on any hard disk ( e.g. defrag, Scandisk, virus checker, etc... )
5. No student is to ever alter the display, screensaver settings, wallpaper, or color scheme of the interface setup.

In short, you are permitted to use the systems and software in the lab, not to alter it.

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Failure to abide by these rules is in conflict with the campus code, is considered destruction of property, and will result in at the least, dismissal from the program and disciplinary action at the college level.

Also, please remember the following :

No food or drink is allowed in the lab - this includes self-appointed "careful" people as well.
No bookbags, backpacks or coats are allowed beyond the front desk.
Do not attend classes other than the one you registered for, without the expressed consent of the instructor.
If you have any questions regarding these rules, see your instructor.... " - Chuck Boone

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