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New Lab !

LCD's CD Trays Net Connection Keyboard Trays

We have a wonderful new lab ! The equipment is state-of-the-art , and will continue to be so. We want to ensure that we get the most from these great new machines, so we all need to do our part to keep the gear running smoothly. Please observe the cautions below, as well as the general lab usage rules. Thank you.

LCD Screens

The LCD screens in our lab are beautiful, aren't they ? Such clarity, crispness, and rich colors, more flicker ! While they argueably display images much better than the older CRT monitors, they do have one structural characteristic of which we must all be aware:

The screens themselves are very delicate and are easily damaged.

Please do NOT press, poke, or otherwise touch the surface of the LCD screens.

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CD Drive Trays

Be careful when the trays for the CD drives are open. These are very close to the level of the knees of sitting users. If you turn into the tray with your knee, you may jam the door open permanently. This has actually happened, so watch what you do - insert and eject your CD's, then make sure the tray has closed before you do anything else.

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Net Connection

This last item is not so much about exercising caution around various peripheral devices, but instead addresses some of my concerns about a feature new to our lab: a constant Internet connection.

The Internet is a great educational as well as entertainment tool. If used inappropriately - going to a chat room or other entertainment forum while the instructor is giving a demo - the Web can be very detrimental to learning.

In fact, regularly surfing the Web while a lecture / demo in progress, is a great way to ensure decreased comprehension of the information being presented, more difficulty completing assignments - setting the stage for a lower grade - our minds cannot absorb two simultaneous stimuli at once. If a demo is in progress, focus on that first.

The Internet access in our classroom MAY be used for research related to assignments.

It should NOT be used for:

  • chat rooms
  • surfing the Web for other forms of entertainment

It may NOT be used for:

  • copying other people's artwork or other material. This is copyright infringement, and will not be tolerated.

Keyboard Trays

If your chair is too high, and your legs collide with the keyboard tray, do the following:

Reach under your chair on the right side. Find a large square button and push it in to adjust the height of your chair.

Do not try to adust the height of the keyboard tray - one has already been broken, and stays at a height too high to allow users to insert it all the way back in. So it remains protruding from the desk....

So remember, adjust the height of the chair, NOT the height of the tray.

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