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Description / Objectives

Description Objectives Prerequisites Special Needs

This series of courses - Art 266, 267, and 268 - are meant to be taken in sequence.

  • Art 266 concentrates on image-editing with Adobe Photoshop and Fractal Design Painter

  • Art 267 continues the exploration into possibilities with Photoshop and Painter. In addition, students learn how to design a basic Website in HTML, which is an important component in their final project. Finally, students learn how to create 2-D animations in Fractal Painter as well as video-editing with Adobe Premiere.

  • Art 268 covers 3-D rendering and animation with the high-end program, Maya.

Course Description

This series of classes is an introduction to fine art on the computer. We will use various software programs in conjunction with peripheral devices such as CD-ROMs, scanners, and digitizing tablets to explore image creation on Windows - based computers.

Note that this is not a computer science course, nor is it a training class in the use of a particular software program. Nor is it a commercial art course for graphic design or page layout.

It is a fine art studio class which uses digital tools as the medium for artistic expression. Fundamental aesthetic and design concepts will be covered through presentations, and through class discussions of students' work.

Some previous experience with computers is required: at a minimum, students entering this course should know how navigate either the Windows or Mac operating system, have sufficient ability to successfully maneuver a mouse, and should have an understanding of saving and retrieving their files from the hard disk or other backup media.

Any student that has trouble with the basic computer tasks outlined above, will very likely be overwhelmed by the high-end image-editing programs used in this course: Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter.

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Course Objectives:

  • To develop an understanding of aesthetics and meaning in the creation of artwork.

  • To develop basic skills in the use of computer art programs and devices.

  • To understand fundamental concepts of digital media, with the intent to employ these techniques in creating fine art.

  • To create unique, expressive works on the computer, based on personal values, feelings and beliefs.

  • To understand various forms of digital images: monitor display, software-generated, scanned, print / photographic output.

  • To evolve a personal philosophy regarding the conception, creation and assessment of computer art.

  • To develop an understanding of aesthetics and meaning in the creation of artwork.

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