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Contact the Instructor

C.O.D.:   Phone       Mailbox:   I.C. 2070


Office Hours: M, W: 8:00 - 9:00 AM, 11:45 - 1:00, 3:45 - 4:00 PM

Get the Grade You Deserve - Make Sure I Have Your Contact Info !

Occasionally, the school does not supply the instructor with the most current contact information, or the student uses a cell phone which is not listed. In any case, the school does not provide student e-mail addresses, which are often the most efficient means of reaching a student.

Therefore, during the first week of class, please e-mail the following information to me:

  • Your full name
  • Section enrolled in ( AM or PM )
  • The best phone number to reach you
  • Your current e-mail address

My address again, is at

If e-mailing, remember to include your actual name - it's hard to figure out from just the addresses ( e.g., or ), who these people really are.

Section: ( AM or PM ):
Best Phone Number:

I may need to contact you for any of the following reasons:

  • I am unable to get to school and am contacting you that class is cancelled
  • severe weather or sudden dire circumstances at school prevent class from being held
  • a student has not been attending class for more than two weeks and has not contacted me
  • a student has not been submitting required assignments
  • final grades are being compiled and a student is missing required assignments
  • and, of course, if you contact me with a question or concern

I have had to give students final grades that were lower than they ( and I ) were expecting because they were missing work while I was completing the final grade sheet and could not contact them to ask them for the work.

Under "Best Phone Number" above, list the phone number - whether home, work, or cell - that offers the best likelihood of actually reaching you. For those that have young siblings that seem to enjoy answering the phone, my experience has been that it is unlikely that they will leave you a message -- although I guess the same can be said for some room-mates...

Advising & Transfer Center:    I.C. Building Rm. 2010    Phone: 942-2522

Students wishing to discuss other issues, may make an appointment, with a counselor through Central Campus Counseling . This service is offered free-of-charge for C. O. D. students .

Central Campus Counseling:   I. C . Building , Rm. 2012   Phone: 942-2259

Intentions & Circumstances

If you find that you are having difficulties with the class, or with school in general, or that other problems are affecting your work in class, consider this:

If left unresolved , school - related difficulties become compounded by factors such as college attendance requirements, increasing amount of assignments due, pressure from other class workloads, etc. They consequently become much harder to deal with.

****If a student informs me of difficulties as soon as they occur, that student has more options than one whom I haven't seen, or heard from, in weeks.  If students are having problems with decisions about art-related classes, I can help them with such issues. If you should need information about non-art-related courses, see an advisor at the Advising Center.

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