Student Attendance and Expectation Policies


I have always been loath to impose an attendance policy.  Yet, with all of the outside pressures that sometimes take students away from their studies, I feel it necessary to implement a policy to reinforce the importance of attending and participating in classes.  My goal is not to increase pressures on students, but to emphasize that they have made a commitment to themselves, the college, their classmates, and to me to be involved in the classes for which they have enrolled.  Surely there will be some things that will outweigh the importance of this commitment on occasion, job security, pressing family matters, and illness are some prime examples.  Therefore, the following policy is designed to allow some flexibility but not so much as to delude students about their chances of passing a class that they do not attend regularly.

Student Responsibilities

Policy on Attendance

Students who miss more than 8 hours of class will forfeit a full letter grade on their final grade report.  Students who miss more than 12 hours of class time will forfeit a second, full letter grade on their final grade report.  Eight hours represents approximately 14.5% of all possible class time in our current quarter system, 12 hours represents approximately 22% of all possible class time.  Exceptions will be made only in the case of documented emergencies or preapproved absences.  If in doubt, check with the professor.