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Disclaimer - These are my lecture notes, nothing more.  Viewing them in this format takes the words and images out of context and users are cautioned that this can lead them to false conclusions and assumptions.  These slides DO NOT in any form replace or supersede presented lectures.  Indeed, using them in such a way would be foolish at best. Hence, this material is provided here only as a courtesy to students who may wish to review the slides presented in class. 

The slides produced by John Staeck and presented here remain the intellectual property of professor Staeck and all rites (rights) are reserved.  Photographs, material, and images drawn from other sources and used on the slides remain the intellectual property of the original sources.  No claim to that material is made, either explicitly or implicitly.


Anthropology 1100: Cultural Anthropology      

Race, Sex, and Human Evolution




Discovering Archaeology                                               


New Perspectives on Pohansko

Best of Both Worlds


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