This is a first step toward organizing the companies of the Midlands by household, group, and what have you.  People are free to fight wherever they choose within the army, though it would be nice to begin to form some sub-regional unit integrity and familiarity.  This document is intended to provide structure and points of departure for further organization.  It will evolve, but we must start here before changes can take place.  Please contact me or, in my absence, Lord Dietrich with suggestions comments, requests, and the like.    Honor, Duty, and Chivalry - janos

Company of the Dragon - Sir Gunther Commanding
House Van Brandenburg
Shire of Blackhawk
Baile na Scolaire
Wurm Wald

Black Company - Lord Dietrich Commanding
House Terra Finae
Shattered Crystal
Far Reaches
Dark River
River Keep
St. Carol on the Moor

Gold Company - Lady Aileen Commanding
Grey Gargoyles
Vanished Wood
Carraig Ban

The Dragon's Wings/Hussars - Sir Ix Commanding
To be selected individually...
suggest... Master Chen
perhaps... Baron Sir Bardolph
    ... Lord Vargas