Classical, Orchestral, and Opera

bulletJ.S. Bach, Brandenberg Concertos
bullet                   Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor
bulletCamille St.Seans,    Dance Macabre
bullet Basil Poledouris, Soundtrack to Conan the Barbarian, esp. Wheel of  Pain, Anvil of Crom, and Philosophy and Civilization
bulletMozart, most, esp O'Fortuna


Electronic and Thematic

bullet    Tangerine Dream....anything
bullet    Clannad....anything
bullet    Alan Parsons Project Instrumentals, most, esp. Lucifer and I Robot
bullet    Electric Light Orchestra Instrumentals and synthetic, esp. Dreaming of 4000, Fire on High, and the science fiction sequence on Calling America.
bullet    Joe Satriani


Hard and Classic Rock

bullet    AC-DC, both with and without Bon Scott, especially Back in Black
bullet    Peter Gabriel, esp. Shock the Monkey, Games without Frontiers
bullet    Guns and Roses - the original formation
bullet    The Who - anything
bullet    Jimi Hendrix, most, esp. his cover of All Along the Watchtower, The Wind Cries Mary, and Vodoo Child (Slight Return)
bullet    The Moody Blues (any), incl. Hustin Hayward's single from The War of the Worlds called Forever Autumn and some of Patrick Moraz's solo keyboard releases
bullet    Yes (any)
bullet    Heart (any), esp. early releases such as Barracuda, White Lightening and Wine, and Kick it Out 
bullet    Kansas, esp. Leftoverture and Point of No Return
bullet    Cheap Trick (they're a hoot), esp. I Want You (To Want ME) and Dreampolice


Jazz and Related Sounds

bullet    Dave Brubek, especially Take 5
bullet    Charles Schultz (of Peanuts Fame), Linus and Lucy etc...
bullet    Bo Hansen, Music Inspired by The Lord of the Rings  
bullet    Count Bassie, anything
bullet    Benny Goodman, anything
bullet    Ella Fitzgerald, anything
bullet    Herbie Hancock, esp. the later material, incl Rocket
bullet    Cab Calloway, any


Country, Western, and Folk (and Southern Rock)

bullet    Arlo Guthrie, esp. Alice's Restaurant and The Motorcycle Song (I Don't Want to Eat a Pickle)
bullet    Steve Earl, Copperhead Road
bullet    Charlie Daniels Band, anything but esp. Uneasy Rider
bullet    Bob Dylan, most, but esp. Route 66, Subterranean Homesick Blues, Lay Lady Lay
bullet    Gordon Lightfoot, most (any?), esp. Blackberry Wine, Alberta Bound, and Rainy Day People (and of course The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald)
bullet    Roger Miller, most, but esp. King of the Road, Dang Me, and My Uncle Used to Love Me but She Died
bullet    The Eagles (any), esp. Take it Easy


The So-Called New Wave of the Late 70's and 80's

bullet    Blondie, anything, esp. Rip Her to Shreds, Heart of Glass, and One Way or Another
bullet    The Fixx, anything and everything, esp. Saved by Zero
bullet    Duran Duran, esp. the early years, through The Reflex
bullet    The Eurythmics, any


Complex Sounds and (Light) Industrial

bullet    Alan Parsons Project (mostly the non-singles), esp. the entire second side of A Turn of a Friendly Card
bullet    Pink Floyd, any, esp. Pigs on the Wing and most of Metal,  also more recent material, incl. Learning to Fly.
bullet    Electric Light Orchestra (again, mostly non-singles), esp. the early material but even the later material on the albums will surprise many
bulletYes (any and all), esp. Yours is No Disgrace
bulletSteely Dan (and Donald Fagan's solo material), esp. The Royal Scam and Aja
bullet    Depeche Mode, most
bullet    The Pet Shop Boys (for lack of a better place to put them), most


Rap and Related Sounds (This is not typically my listening preference but there have been some notable exceptions)

bullet    Run DMC, esp. Walk this Way and Its Tricky
bullet    Ton Loc, Wild Thing
bullet    Coolio, Gangsta's Paradise
bullet    Beastie Boys, You Gotta Fight... and Intergalactic