This page is dedicated to information and tips on the Midlands Regional Army, version 2000.

NOTE from the Commander:  I will be away on professional matters from June 26 through July 26, 2000.  In my absence, Lord Dietrich will be fulfilling the duties of commander.  Please pay to him whatever respect (or more) that you would honor me with and remember, we are the Midlands.  If we want to make something more or different of our region, whether through the arts of war or peace, only we can do it.  It shall not be done for us.  I bid you peace and success.  In service to region, kingdom, and society - janos.

WANTED: Warrant Officers (small unit commanders)

Officers (including warrant officers)
Drill Suggestions
Calender of Practices (Revised 6/25/00)
Tentative Command and Unit Structure  (Revised 6/25/00)
Midlands Groups Assigned to Units (Tentative) NEW (6/25/00)

  Contact Officers
Commander and chief duct-taper - and overall Cheer-leader  (push 'em back, push 'em back, way back!)
Voros Janos, KSCA
John Staeck, 1220 Lowden Ave., Wheaton, IL, 60187  630-933-0203 before 10 PM  or (put SCA in re: portion of header if sending to work)
(Janos will be away on work-related issues from June 26 through July 26.  Please address all army correspondance to Lord Dietrich in my absence.)

Executive Officer and Chief whip-wielder, Middle Illinois Deputy Cheer-leader
Dietrich von Andernach, esq.
Steve Krause
15903 N. Regency Pk. Pl.
Chillicothe, IL, 61523
(309) 274-8504

Northern Illinois Contact and Deputy Chief Cheer-leader
Karl von Brandenburg, esq.

Southern Illinois Contact and Deputy Chief-Cheer-leader
Vargas, esq.

Warrant Officers through June 25, 2000  (and YES, we have room for more)
Lord Devin
Lord Vargas
Lady Aileen Fitzwilliam
Lady Gwen
Lady Caitlin Brock MacLeod (aka Battle Badger)
Lord Damon Kirby
Lord Sivrid Brumbach