Note: this is the general outline for this course.  It is subject to change and revision according to the specific dates offered and the needs of the students involved.  Since the course is generally offered as an independent study, there is a great deal of flexibility and customizability for this course.  Therefore, this outline is not meant as a hard and fast contract, merely an example of the things that typically occur in this course.

Sutton/Arkush Readings
1 Functions of a Lab
Basic Procedures 1
Chapters 1, 2, 15 Website search (Find and review 5 websites on archaeological laboratory materials or operations)
2 Lab Procedures 2
Cataloging Concepts
Chapter 3 Initial Lab Design Due
Begin Database Design
3 Practicum
Flaked Stone including archaeometry
Chapter 4; Reserve also from Andrefsky Measurement of flaked stone
Database implementation
4 Practicum
Ground Stone
Chapter 5 Database assignment due
5 Practicum
Indigenous Ceramics
Chapter 6 Measurement of ceramics
Start reconstruction
6 Practicum
Zooarchaeology & Taphonomy
Chapters 7 and 10; Reserve on Animal Bone Analysis Begin Quadrupedal Skeleton Drawings; continue reconstructions
7 Practicum
Wood & Basketry
Chapter 8 Reconstructions Due; Continue drawings
8 Practicum
Historic-era Glass & Metal
Chapter 9 Drawings Due; Begin Cross-mending assignment
9 Practicum
Human Remains & Issues
Chapter 12 TBA
10 Practicum
Archaeometric Overview
Chapter 13 Website search due (Find and review 3 sites dealing with archaeometry); Begin Revised Laboratory Design
11 Practicum Work Due
Photography & Illustration
Chapter 14; Reserve f/ Hester et. al. Revised Laboratory Design Due