This list is not exhaustive.  Please let me know if you are aware of other practices in or immediately adjacent to the region where the Midlands can practice its martial skills.

To find out more about a particular practice it is best to contact the Knight Marshall of the hosting group.  

   Northern IL Regional Practice   April 30 - Rockford, IL
   Regional Practice  June 4 - DeKalb, IL  (This is a biggie, please try to be here!!)
   Lillies War   Week of June 12, Near Kansas City, MO.
   Olde English Faire - June 17-18
   Ethyl in the Park - July 1  (Sir Omorad the Wary, Midlands Army Commander, plans to attend)
   Regional Practice    July 2 - DeKalb, IL
   Warriors and Warlord - July 7-9, between Jaravellir and Nordskogen, still in Wisconsin
   Event & Practice  July 29 - DeKalb (Sir Janos hopes to be back for this one)