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Dr. John P. Staeck

Professor of Anthropology
 and Director of the 
Czech American Archaeological Field School

IC 2071B
(630) 942-2022



Czech-American Archaeological Field School



     The Anthropology Program at COD    




Office Hours

As Posted on Office Door and Black Board:

Generally there are open office hours MWF 9:00 - 11:30

T/R 9:00-10:30

M 2:30-3:30; W 6:00-6:15 (after the Wedensday only class section)

T 2:30-3:30

R These days are committed to standing committees and I will not be available on these afternoons after 2:00 PM

Other hours are available and I have reserved some of my standard office hours for specific student appoitnments; these are not reflected in the schedule listed above.

**Note, this schedule may be altered due to meetings or other events I am required to atend. If no posted hours work for you, drop me a line or give me a call and we can arrange an appointment.



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Most Specific Course Information and Updated Power Point presentations are available through the course-specific Black Board sites!


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