Many of these images, and many others, are available at the Comparative Archaeology web site (administered by Dr. Maximilliam Ott Baldia).  Please pay this site a visit for additional archaeological articles and images of materials from a variety of sites.  The Comparative Archaeology Web

Excavations and Archaeological Material at Rmiz
The Rmiz Team (in Part) (Photo quality poor, a new photo is on the way)
Location of Rmiz, 3 dimensional GIS
Aerial Photograph of Rmiz
The Third Enclosure Wall Today
The Central Node from the North
Rmiz Test Area, 1999 Images
Rmiz Test Area 1, 1999 with Dates and Soil Samples
Profiling, Gilbert Baldia  NEW
Work in Trench 1 NEW
Feature 1, S1,E3 NEW
TRB Vessel from Rmiz, Dr. Mirek Smid
Lengyel Pottery, Moravian Painted Wares
Graphite-decorated TRB ware
Beginning a New Test Unit  (Photo quality poor)
Down and Dirty in Area 1

Archaeological Images from Nearby Sites

Namest Neolithic Mounds  NEW
Karlsberg Castle Archaeological Site
The Moat
The Gatehouse
Excavations 1
Excavations 2
Control of the Valley, View to the NE
Control of the Valley, View to the SW
Hrad Namest, Gatehouse Core
Hrad Namest 2
Hrad Namest 3
Hrad Namest 4

Prague (Praha) - Kafka-Land; What a City!
Prague as seen from Castle Prague (Hrad Praha)
Prague's Old World Charm
The Horseman Downtown
Bohemian on a Horse?
Saint Vaclav
King Otogar