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General Scholarly Issues
How to do Research The Library of Congress


  The Comparative Archaeology Web ArchNet
Archaeology at the Mining Company European Archaeology
Classical Archaeology Society for American Archaeology
Zooarchaeology Web Page Lithic Microwear Research Bibliography
Wisconsin Archaeological Society Lascaux Cave, France
Society for Historical Archaeology Hopewell Interaction Sphere
Society for Underwater Exploration Current Archaeology (UK)
Archaeological Institute of America (Archaeology Magazine) ArchEd Project Flintknapping

Cultural Anthropology       
Kinship Tutorial Pages Anthropology Resources
American Anthropological Association Study of Peasants (Mexico & Brazil)
Venda Girls' Inititation Schools Kingdom of BUM (Ethnicity & Identity; Africa)

Physical Anthropology         
W.W.Norton Physical Anthropology Links A nthropology Online from Wadsworth
Forensic Anthropology Resources American Museum of Natural History Virtual Exhibits and Newsletter
American Association of Physical Anthropologists American Society of Primatologists
Midwest Bioarchaeology and Forensic Anthropology Association Journal of Human Evolution

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