This is a general outline of the parameters that this year's armored milita will be working under.  They are chiseled in sand, so beware (and feel free to make suggestions).

Purpose Assumptions Fighting Issues Essential Support       More Support

  I. Purpose of the Militia
    A. To have fun
    B. To promote melee fighting skills, including
        1.  command and control
        2.  an appreciation of Medieval tactics and strategy
        3.  physical combat skills
    C. To promote Midlands fellowship, including
        1.  meeting other regional fighters
        2.  promoting exchange of ideas and material
        3.  generating a feeling of belonging for folks at the regional level
    D. To facilitate the creation of a vital and useful military unit that will
        1.  let everyone have fun!
        2.  demonstrate that we've got some good fighters
        3.  promote increased visibility of Midland's fighters and their skills

  II.  Assumptions and Codes
    A.  No one has to play, but we want to make it fun and beneficial for everyone to play
    B.  We will not adopt a particular style of unit, such as a shield wall, flanking unit, etc.
    C.  We will allow individual fighters to play with their own weapons choices, seeking to blend             them into a larger scheme.
        1.  We do need significant numbers of shields, poles, and great weapons
        2.  Fortunately, shields are basic to fighting, poles and great weapons can be                 encouraged.
        3. Round shields, when not integrated with other roung shields, and without being of                 significant size, are a detriment to fellow fighters IN A LINE.
    D.  Command and control skills should promote good people and fun skills
        1. Safety outweighs individual efforts
        2.  Someone being a jerk should be spoken to politely, this includes commanders
    E.  Easterners are NOT our enemies, they are our playmates.  
        1.  Breaking playmates is bad, they don't play nicely once broken
        2.  Our Honor is our own, none may carry it but ourselves - 'nough said.

  III.  Fighting Doctrine
    A.  We will promote a generalized unit capable of filling multiple roles on and off the battlefield
        1. We will be visualized as a mixed force equivalent to Medium infantry or some such
        2.  We may have enough rabbits to field a small Hussar/light cavalry as well
        3.  I would love a strong archery support battery for combat!
        4.  Engineers are good, siege weapons are fun...they fit into the army nicely
    B.  The basic elements of our units will be developed through...
        1. lances, groups of 3 to 5 fighters who work together
            a. lances should have a weapons mix
            b. lances should allow for interchangeable roles and personnel
            c. lances should be elements that can quickly form and manuever on the field
        2. households with standardized training regimes and formations
            a. households are encouraged to adopt/experiment with the lance structure
            b. households should not be exclusive on the field
                i. household troops should be able to integrate with others
                ii. household troops should serve the region as well as the household
        3. shire/canton/baronial units
            a/b/  see households above
    C. All units are encouraged to learn a standard command and control structure
        1. Regrouping is essential!!  Practice and love it!
            a.  Call for regroup = "Reform" "Regroup Midlands" "Midlands Regroup"
            b.  Polearmers/great weapons folks should hold their weapons up during the call                 for visibility - consider also shouting "form on me!"
        2.  Additional standard commands should include...
            a. Advance
            b. Advance at the double (or equivalent)
            c. Charge (I also like to call a prepare to charge)
            d. Stand and repel (or equivalent)
            e. Backstep (or equivalent)
            f.  Extend (or equivalent) to thin and extend a flank
            g. Rest (or equivalent) to relax and or kneel
            h. Wheel right/left (or equivalent)
        3. Optional commands and maneuvers can include...
            a. Roll (or equivalent) to roll around a flank
            b. Pin (or equivalent) to pin a flank while opposite is rolled
            c.  In place right/left (right face/left face)
            d.  In column advance/In column follow...
            e.  Punch and Roll Right/Left (break through and turn right/left)
            f.  Punch and regroup (or equivalent) breakthrough line/formation and reform
            g.  Supression Fire (or equivalent)  heavy great weapon fire on an enemy point
            h.  Wedge!  (Wedge, wedgie, either way you're in deep s**t) Do Not Use!

  IV.  Essential Support of Fighters
    A. Fighters LOVE waterbearers!
    B. Fighters sometimes resent but really need chirurgeons
    C. Did I mention fighters LOVE waterbearers?
    D. Logistical support
        1. Carts etc... to get gear to the battlefields would be great
        2.  Anybody for daycare co-operatives for fighters and archers with kids at wars?
    E. Did I mention how much fighters REALLY LOVE waterbearers!!!??
  V.  Additional Cool Things for the Midlands
    A. Banners and displays for the march are cool!
    B.  Drummers for an entrance or march can be cool!
    C.  Sunshades, love those sunshades.  Heck, this ought to be an essential...