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Student Ethics Disclosure

The following guidelines apply to the College of DuPage Archaeological Field School.  Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in appropriate actions being taken by the project director in order to maintain the best interests of the project, college, and other students.  Such actions may include, but may not be limited to, reassignment within the project, the lowering of grades, and/or expulsion from the project.  In general, significant efforts will be made to make students aware of any potential problems and to afford them opportunities to correct any perceived problems.

1. Firearms are not permitted in the field, in the classroom, or in COD vehicles.  Don't bring such items unless you are required to by your occupations or by making prior arrangements with the director.  In general, expect no exceptions to this rule.
2. Students agree to be free from the effects of any substance, legal or illegal, that impacts their normal performance in the field school's activities, save those substances that are prescribed by medical professionals for the treatment of health conditions.
3. Students will make their best efforts to interact cordially, or at least politely, with all individuals associated with the field school, including other students, staff, and site visitors.  Sexual, religious, physical, or parallel abuse of any kind will not be permitted and are grounds for dismissal from the project.
4. Students will make their best efforts to keep accurate and up-to-date records related to field school activities.  The excavations you are participating in are part of a real research program and your efforts are part of the total program.
5. All records, photographs, or other recordings are the property of the project and are subject to use by the projector director as he sees fit.  Such uses may include eventual publication of field notes, photographs, drawings, or other products of the field program.  Where appropriate and possible, appropriate levels of credit will be given to those generating the material or appearing in the material.
6.  If you wish to take photographs or make records of any kind of the project's work beyond those assigned to you by project personnel, you must obtain the project director's permission prior to making such records.
7. Students will accept responsibility for their own health and well-being while participating field school-related activities.  Students should attend to all injuries, even minor ones, immediately.  They should also make preparations and plans for dealing with hot, humid, and sunny conditions.
8. Students should consider getting an up-to-date tetanus treatment if they have not had one in the
past several years.
9. Students acknowledge the strenuous and frequently dirty work undertaken by archaeologists and agree to wear clothing and field gear appropriate to the tasks at hand
10. Students agree not to bait, badger, abuse, or otherwise harry the project director and his staff so much as is possible.  He has precious little hair left and would like to keep at least a small amount so that it may grey naturally and with dignity.

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