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This is simply a page with links to information about different sorts of games, primarily simulation and role playing games.  I don't endorse any of these games, but I have enjoyed them and even found some of them useful.  Al things considered, this page is just for fun.

A short biography explaining how I came to gaming.

I grew up in a military community, my father was a mechanic in the Air Force for 24 years.  In this environment you learn to explore your world in different ways, including through simulation games and then, later, role playing games.   Likewise, history is also a strong component of such communities, where different units were organized, where they served, and the like were important to people associated with those units.

So it began with games such as Blitzkrieg, Kriegspiel, and Gettysburg.  These games let me mix interests in history with an understanding of issues of strategy and tactics, or, if you prefer, major plans and they way these are implemented.  That was almost thirty years ago, and I have learned a great deal about how warfare worked, and did not work, in the past.  At the same time, I have also learned a great deal about game design, publishing, and, believe it or not statistics.

Along the road I also picked up an interest in role playing games and became and avid fan of science fiction and fantasy writing.  I started playing Dungeons and Dragons when it was still printed in 3 paper folios, and I remember buying the expansion folios as they came out. 

This coincided with my father's death and I have little doubt that the safe haven of my imagination and gaming helping deal with real-life issues.  It also gave me something to do that kept me out of other possible habits - military communities are often poor and gangs, drugs, and the like are commonplace.  In my case gaming kept me from these things and even helped me in school.  Since I wanted to expand my gaming horizons I went to the library.  I read about history, I read about how stories are told, I learned basic geography and drafting skills.  Goodness, I even learned the rudimentary skills of typing and design layout that eventually became essential parts of my academic life.


Dark Age of Camelot - a MMORG (Massively Multiple On-Line Role-Playing Game)

**Warning** This game is highly addictive!!