Czech American Archaeological Field School

Coming Soon - 2004 Field Season!!!!!!!

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Priority Application Deadline - February 1, 2004
Formal Deadline - March 1, 2004
Thereafter - Space Available Basis Only

Join a continuing and exciting project in the Czech Republic that covers the origins of the Czech people, culture, and state from 4000 BC to the post-Soviet Block era.  Students participate in ongoing  archaeological excavations exploring the Hana Valley, complete with 2  30+ acre hill forts and 9 smaller hillforts, most with Neolithic as well as sites with Bronze Age, Celtic, Medieval, and Early Modern components.  The sites are located in a broad picturesque valley in the eastern Czech Republic (Moravia), just 3 hours east of Prague and a similar distance north of Vienna.  Students also travel and explore the modern Czech world with its dynamic economic growth and westernization.  Optional field trips include visits to Dolni Vestonice (the famous Upper Paleolithic site), the Austrian Museum of Natural History and Man in Asparn (with its on-going experimental archaeology programs), and explorations of the outstanding museum at, and the Medieval city of, Olomouc (20 km from our headquarters).

This Year's Program...

This year we have been invited to help excavate a substantial Neolithic occupation site near our base in Premyslovice.  The site covers a substantial hilltop near the rear of the valley and has yet to be systematically explored.  Preliminary testing at the site has indicated TRB I and II components with a high likelihood that both earlier EpiLengyel and later Bronze Age components may also exist on the hilltop and hillside.  Not insignificantly the site lies about 2 km SW of the one of the main, large, walled sites (Rmiz) and just slightly further form three known burial complexes.  We will be working in the same units as our Czech colleagues as we explore these important discoveries.

Tentative Dates and Fees, pending permit windows!

Part of the CARPRO Research Initiative, a joint Czech American Archaeological Undertaking...

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