Literature Search Assignment

You are to go to the library and find an article dealing explicitly with anthropology.  This article may be from any scholarly journal (NOT a news or feature magazine such as Time or Omni).  A list of scholarly journals you might wish to look at is listed below.  Likewise, the article must be at least 3 pages long and may not be a book review, film review, editorial, or comparable discussion.

Once you find the article, read it twice.  The first time read it for content, just try to follow what the author is trying to discuss.  The second time you read the article, take detailed notes about the work and ideas discussed in the article.

Finally, prepare a 3-page typed reaction to the article.  This reaction should follow the format outlined below and have the following properties:  Stapled in the upper left-hand corner, 1" to 1.5" margins on all sides, and a common 12 point typeface, such as Courier, New Times Roman, or Arial.   Failure to adhere to this format may cost you points!

bulletBegin the paper with your name in the upper right hand corner of the 1st page
bulletNext, provide a full scholarly citation for the work in the place where a title might otherwise appear.  The citation MUST use an anthropological format outlined in the guidelines to paper writing found elsewhere at this website (Writing Guide). 
bulletBegin your reaction with an overview of what the article discusses.  In a paragraph or two describe the main theme of the article you read.
bulletIn the next several paragraphs (at least 3), discuss the major points of the article.  Describe how the authors tried to support their main theme, providing whatever detail is required to demonstrate that you read and understood the article.
bulletFinally, in a few paragraphs (at least 3), discuss your thoughts and opinions about the article.  Tell me what you thought was good and what was bad.  Explain why you feel this way.

This assignment is worth 25 points.


Scholarly Anthropology Journals

**Remember, the article you chose must be anthropology specific.  Some articles in these journals may not be specific to anthropology so select wisely.
bulletAmerican anthropologist 
bulletAmerican ethnologist 
bulletAnthropological quarterly 
bulletAnthropology & education quarterly 
bulletAnthropology & medicine
bulletApplied anthropology
bulletC.R.I.S. : the combined retrospective index set to journals
bulletCultural survival quarterly
bulletCurrent anthropology
bulletHuman organization : journal of the Society for Applied Anth
bulletJournal of African history
bulletJournal of contemporary ethnography 
bulletJournal of cultural geography
bulletNative peoples : the journal of the Heard Museum
bulletPrimitive man
bulletSocial science & medicine