Courses Offered

Offered Regularly...

bulletAnthropology 1100.....Cultural Anthropology  (offered every semester)
bulletAnthropology 1120.....Discovering Archaeology  (offered every semester)
bulletAnthropology 1125.....Race, Sex, and Human Evolution  (offered every Fall semester)


Offered as Anthropology 290 Sections...(Usually NO prerequisites, offered intermittently)

bulletEgypt and the Ancient World: The Archaeology of Classical Civilizations
bulletFrom Mammoths to Mounds: An Introduction to North American Archaeology
bulletPlumed Serpents and Plundered Tombs: The Archaeology of Ancient Mesoamerica
bulletSurvey of Medieval Archaeology
bulletSoldiers and Slaves: A Survey of Historic Archaeology


Method and Technique Courses...(usually offered in the summer or by arrangement)

bulletAnthropology 2240.....Field Methods in Archaeology
bulletAnthropology 2245.....Laboratory Methods in Archaeology
bulletAnthropology 2280.....Field Laboratory in Archaeology


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